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glass cannon factions/tactics?

jonatron5jonatron5 MemberRegistered Users Posts: 46
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I love the concept of being that guy who unleashes a helishly powerfull attack all be it a delicate one.

My favorite faction for this atm is the jutes(sugesst an alternative if youve got it). There royal huscarls sport a90 charge bonus and will cut striaght through darn near anything.

My build is 3-4 pikes
2royal huscarls
The rest swords


X =empty space

I usually advamce in formation towads an enemy peelimg off cavalry to meet my opponets cav just to hold them in place.
I predominatly use my spears to ward off cavalry, once i get withen javalin distance i slowly advance the pikeline wivh always draws the most fire and nordic pikes suck anyway so i can sacrifice them. While theyer moving forward and taking fire i divide up my swords to the opposite sides of my spears and try to begin a wide flanking.rihjt before anything makes contact ideally i order a royal huscarl charge straight into the enemy line with skirmishers worried about pikes itd udally extremely devistating as long as i move my spears to cover from cav. Once the enemy gets chewed up from the charge bonus i try to with draw and send in swords for the grind out and hold spears in reserve for cav blocks and try to circle any surviving axes aroumd to the rea for **** rapeage charges.

Tips comments questions? Would li be better off viting more cav and less spears? Bear in mind norse cav sucks.
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