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Valhalla Flash Clashes fast cup

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Agartha Clan estimates the competitivity and competitive activities. The format of Flash Tournaments is actual enough, and there is a shortage of it at the moment. That’s why we decided to host every Saturday night our own AttilaTW flash multiplayer tournaments. Players can spend their time in a contest between the best TW players for first place, demonstrating their mastery and unique skills.

Flash tournament is supposed to be hosted regularly, sometimes with prizes. If you have seen yourself in your dreams as a warrior, fighting for the honor and the glory of being the best You should follow the way of the battles up to the banqueting halls of Valhalla.

Time of playing: 17:00 GMT of saturday (18 april).


It is supposed to be 16 PARTICIPANTS Tournament. But if there is plenty of
sign-upers we shall EXTEND the Tournament.
Best of 1 for the Rounds, Best of 3 for the Final.

Host settings:
Founds: 10 000
Large unit size
Map: Plains
Weather: Dry
Timelimit: 20 min

Unit Limits:
4 same unit max
8 cavalry units max
6 melee cavalry (melee and shock) units max
4 heavy cavalry units max
4 pikemen units max
8 foot missile units max
General included in all limits.
No artillery.
No deployables(defencive fortifications)
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