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help needed with camel and spear animation

Jimmy_JenkinsJimmy_Jenkins Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 4
edited May 2015 in Assembly Kit

i've been trying to give spear to Camel Clibanarii, everything gone smooth so far expect they don't take the spear in their hand. its a bit off position and look like it's on their back. I've done the meshes right.

i am using the animation "att_rome_spear_shield_javelin_ precursor_camel" which is used on desert camel warriors and armored camel warriors and functions just fine on them.

i have tried different mounts too but can't get it working :( been trying the entire afternoon.

a little help is really appreciated. is there anyway possible to get this done? or its just not going to work?
wonder if DEVS can give me some ideas?
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