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New and need advice

LucassdoudsLucassdouds Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
edited May 2015 in Napoleon: Total War
Hey Everyone. I used to play the Total War games on my PC years ago. But no longer have a Computer or Laptop. But I've missed playing too much now. So I'm looking into buying a laptop/ PC again, preferably a Laptop. But I am totally clueless on which Graphics cards etc etc will be needed to run the Total war Series on at least a medium setting.
I've been looking at cheap gaming laptops and I just need someone with a bit of knowledge to tell me wether these LapTops would be any good for playing a Total War or if it would be a total waste of my hard earned.

1.) Dell - 3GHz
5th Gen i75500u 8gb
1 TB SSD Hyrbid
4gb ATI graphics

2.) Toshiba L50D 15.6
quad core
AMD A8 6410 8gb ram
1tb HDD
AMD Radeon R5 graphics
2.40 ghz

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated! Cause like I say I have no idea about laptops. I just wanna game :(
Thanks in advance and sorry for being a pain
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  • shrspeedbladeshrspeedblade Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 313
    edited May 2015
    Either of those would easily handle Napoleon and Shogun 2 on high settings, and probably even Rome 2 (on lower settings).

    I would recommend starting with Napoleon or Shogun 2 myself, probably Shogun 2 if you played the original as they did a good job on the sequel. Enjoy!
    <---- That's how I look after all the NTW I've played!
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