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Coimbra's Academic Batallion (1808)

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Napoleon's is not a perfect game. There is a lot to improve, and in the eventual apperance of a "Napoleon TW2", i hope that Portugal would be included, not only as a playable nation on the Peninsular Campaing, but in all of the game. Since the "lusitanian" forces were forgoted (in spite of Portugal was never under french control, and for 3 times was invaded and 3 times repelled the french) there are a lot of stories to be told, like the Napoleon's Portuguese Legion (portuguese sided with the french), who Napoleon called is "Black Infanrty", starring in Germany, Austria and Russian campaigns. Organized as: Five regiments of light infantry; A battalion of chasseurs à pied; Three regiments of chasseurs à cheval; A battery of artillery; An infantry depot battailon; A cavalry depot squadron. It was present in the battles of Wagram, Smolensk, Vitebsk and Borodino (Moscow). ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_Legion_(Napoleonic_Wars) ). Another forgotten was the LLL, Loyal Lusitanian Legion, an army organized by portuguese emigrants on England who worked as foreign volunteer corps of the British Army, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loyal_Lusitanian_Legion). And the many, many expontaneous and different militia corps that arise from all of Portugal, being the Coimbra's Academic Battallion the main reason for this article. In 1808 Coimbra's, the city of students, became a "full-city fort", roads were block, trenchs were digged and choke points became deadly traps to french invaders. The city's university became the hq for an unusual army, an army of teachers and students. On is first battle 40 volunters were tasked to take Figueira da Foz, by the time they get there a mob of 3000 where arised by them. With litlle effort and no victims, they took the city and allowed the british to safe landing. The academic batallion started to fight with their on school uniforms (who are identical to those dressed as today) but soon they would pay from their own pockets a new military uniform (http://photos1.blogger.com/hello/10/9241/1024/Batalho%20Acadmico.jpg ). Coimbra was tranformed, the university chemical lab converted to a gunpowder maker, a city's textil mill into a guns factory, the silversmiths to munitions makers, etc. This batallion had infantry coprps, cavaly corps, artillery corps and "engeniers". Sometimes fighting alone, instigating rebellions all around the near districts or helping the brits, for instance the batallion served as general's Nicholas Trant honour guards. Throughout the entire Napoleonic campaign, the "black army" was the living proof that no enemy is to big, as long you have your heart in the right place. I could not find info on the batallion in english, but if you get interest in this bit of history check the Coimbra's university archives. I don't know of any mod for this "indomitables", if there is one please share it here. Salutations fellow gamers and good plays! :cool:
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