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Multiplayer Large Battles Patch 17 Critical Suggestion.

GamgeeGamgee Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,908
Since this is the last patch I think its critical this be added in. Few players play on large battles but factions that rely on mercenaries are hurt hard on large battle mode. So when you select large battle can you double the allowed cap of mercs? Thanks. I think this should be fairly simple to implement before its out of beta.

This could mean the difference of say Odryssian Kingdom being able to field 5 hoplites in a 40 unit battle as opposed to 10 with the changes.

In a 40 man battle Carthage can bring 2 Companion Cavalry. Which are useless in such low numbers on the larger setting.

On another note can we have high end mercenaries for all faction increased by 1? Even in a regular battle two companion cavalries just isn't enough to make a difference as Carthage. Again factions that rely on higher end mercs are suffering because of the super low limitations.
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  • Ironside12Ironside12 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 6,127
    edited July 2015
    There's no confirmation that it's the last patch, Matty said it's the "next patch", there isn't a "Patch 18- Coming Soon" on the patch notes, and all the things they fixed make it seem like it's a final patch, but that's not official to my knowledge.

    Anyway, This isn't really something I've noticed, but I'm fully in agreeance, double the funds and unit numbers should mean double the caps.
    Sjiriki wrote: »
    Balancing is a far more intricate thing than looking at who wins a 1v1 fight.

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  • GamgeeGamgee Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,908
    edited July 2015
    Which is why I'm saying this critically needs to be added in if patch 17 is final patch.
  • Emperor DomitianusEmperor Domitianus Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,243
    edited July 2015
    They haven't stated that this is the final patch. They have said they will continue to support Rome 2 so it may mean both Patches, if needed, and DLCs, hopefully.
  • crazychameleoncrazychameleon Senior Member Great BritainRegistered Users Posts: 467
    edited July 2015
    Multiplayer rules and prices are designed for large funds normal sized battles not large fund, large army size battles, so just choose a different faction or play normal battles
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  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 9,090
    edited July 2015
    This is not the last patch...
  • GamgeeGamgee Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,908
    edited July 2015
    Multiplayer rules and prices are designed for large funds normal sized battles not large fund, large army size battles, so just choose a different faction or play normal battles
    Why should that even be an issue? Why can't they add in some simple programming that says when large battle is ticked merc caps double. It's so simple.

    I don't want to be forced to play other factions just because my favorite ones have merc reliance and ridiculously low caps.
  • Mahmoud ben-ShareefMahmoud ben-Shareef Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 220
    edited July 2015
    although large armies are made available and hence halving all restrictions would be the most logical thing to do which CA should have done ever since the option has been made available; the game is for some reason not supposed to be played that way. dont u guys get it? u lot better get over it and play normal battles cuz me and some chameleon dude dont care!


    -in progress-

    gameplay enhancement proposals (HISTORICAL titles) that would imo improve tactical options
    that may also go well with the dogma 'easy to learn, hard to master'

    scouting and environment

    - forest less camo
    - decrease sight heavy units drastically
    - generally more slight hills
    - ponds, rivers
    - light troops move through forest, swamp much easier than main-line troops
    - formation has forest penalty
    - forest break cav charge
    - fundament set, but not utilized
    - changes would improve roster balance; light troops universal
    - most units cannot go into formation in forest


    - ammunition (arena)
    - missile harrassement - applies movement penalty, morale penalty
    // expectation: skirmishers effective (can slow down rush or counter skirmishers), stacking missile fire no problem, no general sniping, catching skirmishers gets a bit harder (not necessarily bad => more zoning)

    unit balance

    - prevalence cavalry, mobile melee units
    - instead, mobile striking arm causes routs
    - a more differentiated block chance model may do wonders to the skirmishing part
    - - like; generally increased missile block for shields throughout board + slight missile damage increase + armour counting towards missile block (albeit minimally);
    - - armoured units without shield ~+ 10,
    - - armour clad units without shield ~+ 25
    - - units shielded ~+ 55-70, tower shield ~ 85 (may not stack with armor)
    - cav generally poor missile block (0-25) (except horse armor [counts towards shield])


    - guard mode
    - cav repelling circle/carree/shiltron
    - shieldwall/spearwall/phalanx
    - elite, shock; flying wedge/boar snout - increase attack, drastically increase charge bonus, drastically decrease defense, stamina
    - formations crucial for main line units (sword, spear [in a tw world where non cheesy spears r viable] alike)
    - pls get rid of spaghetti lines PARTICULARLY pike spaghetti

    extensive morale

    - fear effect much greater (skirmishers easily scared due no drill perform defensive formation)
    - local superiority; stacking morale debuff
    - pronounced fear effect

    baggage encampement

    - rallying point
    - ammo refill
    - artillery target
    - eastern factions (camel baggage ammo refill)


    - 40-units-host displayed in listing-room
    - 40-units quickmatch


    - ai would have to consider some of it
    - budget (some/most features debatable whether feasable worth budget perspective)
    - may not correspond with expectations tw conformists/traditionalists

    proposals that may not b feasable but i still felt worth mentioning issues

    [+] unit pushing mechanic (reference; early stages of Arena has shown its possible)
    [+] less napoleon-esqe cuirassier cavalry engagements (much more loose spacing, charge in formation rare, pitched static melee between opposing cavalrymen rare)
    [+] perhaps wishful thinking but the game would greatly benefit from uniform unit sizes (altering sizes, altering gameplay [missiles get stronger/weaker; increased/decreased distances, et c.])

    [c] reintroduction 40 units
    [c] reintroduction guard mode
    in progress

    nice to have
    [+] introduction mass system
    [+] introduction line of sight
    [+] introduction bracing mechanic
    in progress

    [-] unit stiffness causes strange behaviour on individual soldiers on the charge as well as in protracted melee
    - - units occasionally stick out in order to keep formation like uncooked noodles instead of participating in the brawl (looking pretty is not the point of formation fighting)
    [-] second wind, ... other active abilities with poor context
    [-] pike phalanx currently broken (+ spaghetti lining) (also due to lack of pushing mechanic [reference; early stages of Arena])

    Attila changing proposals/speculation

    theres enough reason to believe that 2 handed axes + elite cavalry r so overly prevalent in this game for a reason

    hetaireia guards [+ 25]
    burgundian axemen [+ 50]
    nordic axe warriors [+ 50]
    huskarls [+ 75]
    royal huskarls [+ 75]

    nordic horse lords [+100]
    heroic cav [+ 25]
    noble horsemen [+ 50]
    noble alani cav [+ 50]
    alani mounted veterans [+ 25]
    noble germanic horsemen [+ 0]

    crossbows buff
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