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Campaign tactics

LecourbeLecourbe Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 610
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Having played through the campaigns several times & been successful, it is interesting to mull over tactics for that success.
Lately I have been practising methods of 'wearing down' the enemy by using tactics other than physical battles. These tactics are not to be ignored, as they are very, very useful in gaining success.
One of them that I have used lately is to ruin the enemy's finances by wrecking his ports & disrupting his trading routes & trade nodes. Income is essential to doing anything in NTW, & this kind of action can make your job much easier.
If you send a ship into an enemy port, it will cause damage, & to send it in & out several times in the same bound will cause more damage each time. If it is a commercial trade port, it will not receive any income until the enemy repairs it.
In my current Prussian campaign, I am at the moment trying to wear down the British, as they continually declare war on me & try to invade my Danish allies. I have devastated their ports & disrupted all their trade routes & even captured Ireland & given it to the Danes for their loyalty.

Even after all this, they still survive with only England, Wales & Scotland as provinces. I know I am doing the right thing, but sometimes wonder whether the AI is kinda cheating & working to a different set of rules to the player.
The finances generated by these three provinces, with all their ports broken, should not enable them to support around 20 full armies; but they are there.
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  • LecourbeLecourbe Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 610
    edited July 2015
    I have finally destroyed Britain; mounting a multi-pronged invasion, capturing Scotland, then Wales & finally England. As I captured each province, the Brit armies started to melt away in strength, reflecting their reducing finances & ability to support so many armies.
    I have now started a new campaign, playing as Britain. After building my trading fleets & securing the four North Atlantic trade nodes, I had a good regular income & then began to raid all the French & Dutch ports along the English channel, closing them to trade & also to the ability to build both trade & navy vessels. Any French fleets that showed their face in opposition were dealt with swiftly by the powerful Admiral Nelson, & quickly gave me total command of the Northern seas from the channel to the Western trade nodes.
    Once this was done, & my income stream guaranteed, I was able to launch land troops into both Bretagne, Flanders & the eventually Batavian Republic. I am now also in possession of Aquitaine, Pays d'Oq, Navarre & Catalonia.
    I had to surrender Gibraltar to superior Spanish forces, but was able to march my small garrison force North Eastwards, raiding Spanish ports & buildings on the way, eventually joining up with my forces from the North in taking Pamplona, Navarre.
  • shrspeedbladeshrspeedblade Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 313
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    The AI gets a big per turn income bonus aka "the king's purse" that is significant especially at the harder difficulty settings. It makes waging economic warfare against them not useless but limited in its effectiveness.
    <---- That's how I look after all the NTW I've played!
  • LecourbeLecourbe Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 610
    edited July 2015
    Ah, I guessed all was not quite what it seemed. Fair enough, now I know. I suppose the AI has to have some advantage to compensate for our superior critical knowledge. It all makes it a bit more challenging, even though you can usually guess what the AI will do in certain circumstances.
    I am now in the position of having eliminated all major powers except Russia, & the Brits are well on the way to giving them a good drubbing too. Plenty of scary actions on the way though.
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