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My multiplayer campaign has broken AI

Nikobob66Nikobob66 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 10
edited September 2015 in Napoleon: Total War
I am currently in a LAN campaign game as Austria with the other person being the UK, and so far there have been a lot of glitches and broken things happen.

Firstly France attacked Milan (Which I owned) I had a stronger army and units in the city and I also had a second army with a superior general outside the city which was even stronger and more advanced then that French army but apparently I am still on auto resolve not favourites so I come out of it, I then send a third army with a decent general and advanced units some higher ranks to join in as well, but I notice this ONE french unit so I go to attack it and apparently it is reinforced by the sieging army and I am not reinforced by the defending army so I decline attack and retreat but it doesn't retreat me, it lets that ONE unit kill my entire army, they had 40 MEN, I had OVER 300, that is so unbelievably broken, not only are my generals better, my armies larger, more advanced, higher ranked, better morale and have supplies because it's in my territory they also happen to have 3 armies instead one 1 but I can't win, I lose everytime, it is so broken, can anyone help fix that...

No one say just get good at the game or learn the mechanics, they have nothing in their favour, I am stronger and more advanced in every single department and one unit kills 12 units, its the game and the mechanics behind it that is broken.
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  • Nikobob66Nikobob66 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
    edited September 2015
    Actually on top of that, France just attacked my capital with about 4 units and a mediocre 3 star general, I had advanced highly ranked units, he had weakened battle wounded soldiers, I had roughly 700 units altogether to his about 150, I had the clear advantage but I lost, I can't win a battle, the game is literally designed so I always lose, it is actually broken.

    How can I win or conquer any places if my fully stacked ranked units with an 8 Star general plus another general and a fully stacked army loses to 4 wounded units and the mediocre general, it is impossible, it is completely ruined my experience of the game
  • GoslingGosling Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,887
    edited September 2015
    Just don't autoresolve all the time...fight it yourself. You'll have a lot less casualties.
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