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Focused Edition? One or more ?

WarphorntekWarphorntek Czech RepublicRegistered Users Posts: 3
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When you check High King edition, which is cool, its focused pretty much on the dwarfs. And i would buy that for that price, if dwarfs were my favorite faction.... I want to say its nice piece, but a lot of people are not going to buy it coz of not liking dwarfs. This is hurting you guys. I was thinking its going to be kind of neutral like piece of that and that . But this.......... :neutral:

And so here is my question for CA. : Are there going to be more Editions while DLCs ll be passing? I want some Skaven cool warpstonish thing/creature/weapon, some cool figure and mooooore!

Please let it happen!

Edit : (reason : edition details added)

Embossed Metal case and World map remains in every Edition (Can be stylized a bit to Skaven or race its released with)

This one is "must" Horned Rat / Skaven symbot in some kind (on chain, another ring, , etc)

special unique action figure of Vermin Lord or Warplock Jezzails (for i love these 2 units)

Screaming Bell is also cool

Piece of warpstone because its source

Poster of clans (all or 4 mains) or it can be something like picture below:

and so on I would get crazy soon so i ll end just here :dizzy:
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