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Eternal Crusade Referral. Warhammer 40k.

alexk40kalexk40k Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 3
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Eternal Crusade Referral. Earn 4000 points and help a brother out <3<3<3o:)

Total war really need to do a warhammer 40k game it would be beautiful....
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  • GwydionGwydion Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,215
    EC is not living up to its promises and I backed it with 250 or 450 ( i forget) of my dollars. Plus you just made this thread to try to earn a game currency so you didn't have to pay for it. Lock this please.
    PLEASE CA!!! Chaos Warriors need a faction that is not horde only by the time the trilogy is finished! We beg of you!

    Just Realized this topic has been viewed more, the topic of " Limiting Race Expansion/ Colonization Expansion" alone than more than half of the stickied things at the top of the forum... I hope you are too CA and I mean that in a positive way from a huge fan!

    Please improve sieges! Add racial flavor and ACTUALLY make them "deeper rather than wide" copy and paste with different art needs to go!
  • ThanquolThanquol Senior Member SkavenblightRegistered Users Posts: 2,018
    Spam = Ban

    "Fear me for I am Grey Seer Thanqol, Greatest TWW player in all of Skavendom."

    Team Skaven

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