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Campaign Battles Game AI Question

AdamBeckettAdamBeckett MemberRegistered Users Posts: 50
edited October 2015 in Napoleon: Total War
Apologies, but I cannot find anything comprehensive using 'game ai' in forum search.

In the vague hope, that some old-timers are still browsing these forums, I have a question regarding the game AI. More specifically, how the game attributes 'glorious victories' and 'crushing defeats' in the campaign battles.

I understand that who ever attacks has to win and if the human player is able to keep even some few troops at the end of the 20/40/60 minute battles, s/he 'won' that battle.

What just happened to me is peculiar, to my old eyes.

I fought a even balanced battle against the game AI. I was winning handily. The game AI had only two fighting troops left. I had like ten or more. Everyone else was routing or already left the map.

This is were I seem to have made a 'mistake'. I selected all my units and selected a group formation, in the attempt to organise them again. The game might have accelerated time, due to some keyboard shortcut usage.

In the middle of regrouping, the game decided to tell me, I was defeated.

The game statistics showed me in a 3:2 advantage. I had more troops left. I killed more troops. It was not a 'capture the town' siege battle, but an open field one. Yet, the game decided, I lost ... in a 'crushing defeat'.

I am baffled.

Could this be a 'game AI' slip, or can anyone here explain to me, what I might have done wrong? Or did I just ran out of time and the game decided to punish me, due to the fact, that I was the attacker? I know, it is a lot to ask, since you cannot see my stats or replay (I don't have them - quit the game, perplexed).

Any suggestion would be much appreciated. And thanks for reading.
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  • Imperial GuardImperial Guard Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 543
    edited October 2015
    If you were the attacker and the time runs out you lose in all TW games. I have no idea how the game decides if the victory was close or heroic in NTW because I have won many battles very decisively that were attributed as 'close victories' by the game. That's not the case in the newer games though.
  • Napoleon2ndNapoleon2nd Member Registered Users Posts: 50
    edited October 2015
    Yes, if you ran out of time then you lose - that's why I don't have time limits for battles usually, because I don't think it's realistic.
    And it could be a game AI slip up. Wouldn't surprise me one bit.
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  • AdamBeckettAdamBeckett Member Registered Users Posts: 50
    edited October 2015
    Thank you guys, for replying.
  • LecourbeLecourbe Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 610
    You have to have routed all the enemy units on the field. If their is one unrouted enemy unit left when time runs out, you loose. It can work to your advantage. You can play a game of making an enemy army chase your one single cavalry unit around the field until time runs out. I have done this many times & won against an enemy many times my strength. Just don't let them engage you or hit you with artillery.
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