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WHAT THE HECK, Custom Battle Results Numbers Don't Make Sense

Spartan480BCSpartan480BC Junior MemberPosts: 63Registered Users
Howdy All,

When I finish playing custom battles in Medieval II, the statistics on the Results board very often fail to make sense. Almost always, the number for "enemy killed" for the A.I. opposition is higher than the number of friendly troops lost for my side. For example, in my most recent custom battle, the Results board says the A.I. enemy killed 450 of my soldiers, but, under the losses column, it says I lost 407 of my soldiers.

What's up with THAT pray tell?

ALSO: In Medieval II, there are two different numbers given for how many enemy were killed by any given side. The first number stands without special characters while the second number is enclosed in parentheses. For example, it looks like this under "Enemy Killed" for my side in my last game: 621 (242)

How are these numbers supposed to be interpreted? What does the second number in parentheses mean?



  • StevenOStevenO Senior Member Posts: 912Registered Users
    It may be counting ALL kills including those on friendlies. Arrow fire can be very indiscriminate. Say archers kill 100 that is 100 kills even if 25 of them happen to be friendlies while you only lose 75.

    I also believe that kills from towers don't get credited to any unit although they still show up as troops lost.

    When it comes to kills a unit makes I want to say that 621(242) are killed and captured.
  • Spartan480BCSpartan480BC Junior Member Posts: 63Registered Users
    StevenO, that all makes excellent sense, thanks!
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