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Removing units and armies from the campaign map (startpos)

DavywieschDavywiesch Posts: 7Registered Users
Dear modders,

Could you tell me how to remove a few units or entire armies from the campaign map using the startpos file? I've tried removing units by navigating to the army array/unit array in the startpos file using pfm. However it crashes the game when I delete units/armies in it. Any workaround possible?



  • Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior Member Posts: 21,703Registered Users
    Use the Assembly kit. Start TWeak, then Dave, start either the form launcher for the startpos file which contains all factions, characters and armies and delete from bottom to top (that is units->character>faction), or alter the start_pos_land_units table directly.

  • DavywieschDavywiesch Posts: 7Registered Users
    Thanks for your reply. Always preferred using PFM until now because it allows you to make changes on the spot. Something that's not entirely possible with Assembly kit. Thanks though!
  • DavywieschDavywiesch Posts: 7Registered Users
    edited March 2016
    One more thing: How do I process my changes using bob? I click campaign=>main_atilla=>process and press start in the lower right. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work. I'm getting this error:

    === Campaign / Process start pos (main_attila) ===
    Timed out. Couldn't locate launcher and game processes.

    Duration: 1 min(s)

    How can I fix this? Any ideas?
  • BigBadWolfBigBadWolf Senior Member Posts: 335Registered Users
    The game should launch. There should be like a steam notification telling you to start the game
  • DavywieschDavywiesch Posts: 7Registered Users
    Thank you all for the answers. I don't know what the problem was but manually launching the game fixes the problem and got the startpos process going.
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