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Requesting some help ANIMATING a mod to replace a faction leader mesh.

WarlockeWarlocke Senior MemberPosts: 2,591Registered Users
edited April 2016 in Community Mods
First off, I have some, but very limited experience using the assembly kit. I made some mods from Shogun 2 and Rome II, but I am still far from proficient in making even very simple mods.


edit: With the advice of jurgen I was able to get my meshes to appear in-game.

Unfortunately, they are not animating on the campaign map. They work fine in battle, but on the map they just slide around in this pose:

So if anybody knows how to solve this issue, that would be super.
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  • jurgenjuggernautjurgenjuggernaut Junior Member Posts: 25Registered Users
    Well there are some ways, one download a mod that replaces that faction leader texture, open this mod in pack file manager, then rename yours with the correct name, u also can see the name of the faction leader by using load uniform in the tweak assembly, variant editor( in the agent category for faction leader), then replace the variantmodels in the mod pack with the ones in ur working data (attila kit folder), and the variants with ur variant, rename the mod pack and try it.

    You should be looking for something like fronted faction leader blabla
  • WarlockeWarlocke Senior Member Posts: 2,591Registered Users
    I solved my basic problem. Instead of making a new thread for the NEW problem, I thought I would just edit the initial post and use this message to bump the thread back to the top.
  • BigBadWolfBigBadWolf Senior Member Posts: 335Registered Users
    Its because the skin texture is just the normal one. You need to use the one with the "cine" prefix on the skin model reference.
  • WarlockeWarlocke Senior Member Posts: 2,591Registered Users
    Thank you so much. My mod is now working and I can go back in enjoying my campaign. Time to destroy the Sassanid Empire. :)
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