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Saves won't load

Wali22Wali22 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
edited April 2016 in General Discussion
So I have been playing Rome 2 for a very long time now and I have had many problems with it. However I have never had a problem like this. One day I get online and notice that all my replays, army setups, map bookmarks, and campaign saves were all gone.

I quickly go to the Rome 2 folder that is in the Creative Assembly Folder. And I find that all of my saves are still there but aren't showing up in game. I go to the Rome 2 folder that is in the Steamapps folder and I find out that everytime I save a replay it goes into that folder, but not the folder that is in the Creative Assembly one. Because of this everytime I save something I can't access it in game. The file shows up in the main Rome 2 folder that is in Steamapps but not in the Creative Assembly one.

So long story short my game isn't recognizing the files in the Creative Assembly Folder.
I have deleted the Rome 2 Folder that is in the Creative Assembly folder and nothing happen. The game didn't even create a new one.

I have also tried to verify cache, I even deleted every Rome 2 file on my pc and reinstalled Rome 2. And still nothing seems to fix this problem.

Anyone know how to fix it or any ideas how to fix it?


  • VilmurinVilmurin Senior Member RomaniaRegistered Users Posts: 1,039
    I have no idea how to fix this, but I do have a recommendation for the future: also save to cloud.
    I once had a corrupt save on Shogun 2 and the cloud save saved me :)
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