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CA need to learn from Bethesda

RolloSmersonRolloSmerson GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 79
edited April 2016 in Community Mods
I bought Attila during the release and bought every DLC for it, I love the game but main reason why I bought it because CA promised in their marketing campaign that they will release Full Modding Tools that will have massive capabilities.

What we have now is broken modding tools and everything is hardcoded. The exact opposite of what they promised during marketing for Attila.

Bethesda, on the other hand, is so supportive of their modders and modding community. Watch their latest youtube video on modding.

CA listen, Attila has so much potential. Let modders do wonderful things to it or don't promise something that you cannot deliver on.


  • cool_ladcool_lad Senior Member IndiaRegistered Users Posts: 2,276
    On some level, I believe CA also wants to do the same thing. However, as they've already stated, they need to sort the IP issues that may arise with regard to the tools that they use (some of those tools being paid for non in house).

    That said, extended modding tools for Attila and beyond would work wonders for the longevity (and long term profitability) of their games. Mods not only serve to increase the replayability of a game, they also serve to make the game more profitable by making it more appealing to players in both the short and long term, an active modding community also mitigates the issues of a game till it is patched.

    Really sad to hear about the lack of modding support for Total War: Warhammer , though not totally unexpected considering that Games Workshop was involved (employing the same restrictive IP practices from the tabletop). Perhaps a better solution would have been to have a workshop and restrictions on mods that infringe on the Games Workshop IP (including a clause in the EULA for the modding tools to that effect); would make enforcement easier and still allow for mods. I think that the inclusion of machines and spells makes the game fertile ground for both fantastical and historical mods (think of the Great War mod without the issues with tanks and other small but jarring issues)
  • EaglePhoenixEaglePhoenix Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,270
    What do you want them to learn from Bethesda? To release a game so full of bugs and glitches, they can't even tackle them and have to - indeed- rely on the modding community to do it before they can even release a patch to it?


    Perhaps they already copied Bethesda in that regards.. or would it be vice versa?
    Team Empire!..and also tiny lil bit VC - but shhh
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