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Sebidee's Better Army Stances

SebideeSebidee Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 3,801
edited May 2016 in Community Mods

Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=688038086

Hi guys,

This is a simple mod that makes the various army stances like raiding, fortified and ambush stronger and more useful. In vanilla I find that the army stances are pretty much useless. They cost too much AP and don't really do anything worth while and as a result I hardly ever use them. I always have my armies in the neutral stance. I thought it was a shame that such a nice feature was mostly being unused and so I thought I would buff them up!

Here's a comprehensive list of all the changes in the mod:

  • Requires 25% AP instead of 50%.
  • Adds 5% bonus to fire rate, 10% bonus to melee damage and 5% bonus to morale.
  • Allows you to use 3 deployables of stakes and 3 deployables of sharp stones.
  • Ambush stance is now much more powerful, if you can pull of an ambush (which is still difficult to do) then you will be able to take on much larger armies.
Forced March/Double Time
  • Significantly increases the distance an army can march (doubles it).
  • Adds 5% penalty to fire rate, melee and morale.
  • Forced march is now much more useful for moving armies around but leaves them more vulnerable to attack.
  • Requires 25% AP instead of 50%.
  • Triples the penalty to local public order.
  • Increases army morale by 10%.
  • Reduces upkeep by 50%.
  • Coverts local province to faction religion by 5 points.
  • Raiding is more useful as an aggressive tactic. It also makes you a lot of money. Historically raiding was a major source of income for most factions but in vanilla it only gives you a few hundred gold! With this mod your armies can make thousands. But beware, long periods of time spent in enemy territory will leave you vulnerable to attack and you won't be able to raid for more than a few turns.
  • Double replenishment.
  • Double public order benefit.
  • 20% cheaper recruitment and upkeep.
  • Contributes 2 points to province growth.
  • Long term garrisons are now more feasible and are not such a waste of resources. It also makes armies more useful for establishing control of new provinces.
  • Requires 40% of AP instead of 50%.
  • More deployables.
  • upkeep cost of units reduced by 20%.
  • Doubles the army's reinforcement range.
  • Contributes 1 point to province growth.
  • These changes make it easier to have long term fortifications.
  • Doubles the replenishment rate.
Naval Raiding
  • Requires 25% AP instead of 50%.
  • Increases unit morale by 10%.
  • Reduces upkeep by 40%.
Naval Patrol
  • Doubles reduction of piracy
  • Upkeep cost reduced by 25%.

Looking at the numbers you might think that the mod makes the stances a little overpowered but it's really not true. I have been using this mod in my own campaigns for the last month and never had any problems, mainly because the vanilla stances are so ridiculously underpowered and because the AI will also make use of the changes.

This mod will make you more likely to use all of the different stances in different situations which adds to the strategy of the game. Armies can be more useful for things other than attacking and defending. You can use them to build provinces and to save money too and in my opinion makes the campaign much better!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the mod!






  • RewanRewan Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,502
    I think adding a small PO bonus on the Fortify stance would make sense (Since units in forts would be able to fight off bandits in the countryside). To counterbalance this, maybe reduce the Fortify Integrity bonus (from +5 to +2 or +3)
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