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Vampire Counts - Missions in Blightwater

QuadwoQuadwo AustriaRegistered Users Posts: 20
Hey dudes!

I started playing a Vampire Counts campaign - overall I m pretty impressed by everything. To make it short: I love it.

One really annoying thing is that the missions very soon head to Blightwater. I'm one of those who is not against the regional occupation thing - brings something new in - but: Why the hell shell i focus south early!? I can't occupy anything there. I'm playing my first campaign on hard, so it's really dangerous sending Manfred and my main army on a ~10turns trip south (incl. back). -> But thats just if i don't demolish everything on my way - which I have to when my army should not fall apart on the trip. So... I see no way to do this in the early to mid game.

Don't get me wrong. I like the mission-battles and yeah, it would be ok if the missions send me there in the late game to get this awesome equip and stuff. But why so early? It's the 2nd and 3rd mission battle.

Or is that intended for every faction that they have to cruise over the map to somewhere they don't want to go (because of regional occupation) ?
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