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Sandbox mode.

RevolverRevolver Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 20
Give us a sandbox mode.


If you play as vampire counts, you are limited only to occupy citys from other vampire counts or empire.
Any faction has the same major limitation only to focus a single faction, Exept chaos who cant even control citys.

Everyone tells me the reason for this is lore, But playing multiplayer coop as dwarf and vampire counts for example together in alliance is perfectly fine for the lore.

Please consider an option to let us occupy citys from any faction. I can even pay you your 30£ or whatever in order to get a sandbox mode like that.
This setback as a see it is a gamebreaking from me, I want to be able to conquest the hole god damn world!
TOTAL WAR! not be limited to my starting area forever and ever.

I know most players like to be boxed in so the game gets i dont know easier or good lore, But it takes away so mutch fun from the game.

I also know there is allready a MOD that takes away this, But why would i need to download unstable mods in order to play a game?

So my suggestion is please creative assembly please! Give us the option to play the game as a sandbox mode please!
i will buy any thing you put infront of me just please make it happen! This is why i bought this game!
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  • kevml27kevml27 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 19
    Is it an unstable mod? I haven't downloaded it yet, but from the livestreams, it sounded like CA was supporting the mod.
    It is written.
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