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The Chaos Gods and Chaos Undivided

ZachariaZacharia Registered Users Posts: 9
Unless I've completely overlooked it, I have not seen clear divisions in the Chaos faction representing Slaanesh, Khorne, Tzeentch, and Nurgle. I have not yet played the game as I am waiting for the Mac conversion, but this is a pretty massive aspect of Chaos and the world of Warhammer. This is also a huge opportunity for gameplay given the amount of unique content each Chaos God has to offer as well as the overall quest to unite all of the Chaos Gods under one banner to create "Chaos Undivided" which leads into the conquering of basically the entire Olde World. It's been years since I've been into Warhammer so maybe this is old news?
Anyway, my question for CA is; will these be implemented into the game? It doesn't seem fitting that they aren't, and there's loads and loads of quests, gameplay, content, and units that could be a part of the game with them implemented. I mean, Chaos being just one faction isn't quite Warhammer yet to me.
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  • SpaceOrcSpaceOrc Registered Users Posts: 17
    If any distinctive sub-factions are going to be implemented I'm certain it will be specific chaos god's armies.

    What would be appreciated, is if CA would soon start clarifying some sort of a roadmap for expansions and DLC, so it can be coordinated with modding community - e.g. if Tzeetch units will be added I will gladly pay for a quality DLC with those units/heroes/missions etc, but if there is no plan for that it would be a green light to mod that in, without the risk of wasting time (as mod is unlikely to compete with quality professionally made content).

    It is a win-win to disclose a bit more, especially that CA doesn't have any competition in "4x with realtime grand battles, set in Warhammer universe" games.
  • ZachariaZacharia Registered Users Posts: 9
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    Exactly. And the content would be great. To have the ability to make the decision which Chaos God to follow and actually see Chaos Warrior units become more and more infused with Khorne or Nurgle's blessings and begin to warp and become "Warriors of Khorne" or "Warriors of Nurgle" and such. I can't see CA not doing this, it's too central to Warhammer, but I'm curious as to what they're actually planning.

    And of course, each Chaos God would have specific abilities -- I like the idea for a Nurgle faction to have the option to actually start plagues in the cities they're currently sieging. Almost like the "starving out" strategy but way more sinister and "chaosy"
  • SpaceOrcSpaceOrc Registered Users Posts: 17
    Even something as simple as a couple of special units, haroes and chosen with a specific blessing would be already great. Having units of opposing gods (nurgle-slaneesh/khorne-tzeetch) should imopse some morale penalty, that would be a nice touch as well.
  • Combat_WombatCombat_Wombat Registered Users Posts: 4,092
    I would much rather them add in lizardmen, elves, and beastmen before devoting their resources into making chaos have more units to pick from. You can barely support 2 armies as chaos anyway, 3 if you're doing really well. There isn't a lot of room to play around with units.

    Now do I think they shouldn't bother with chaos anymore? No. I love those guys to death. I just think their time is better spent (for the moment!) working on new factions.
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