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Chaos_AspectChaos_Aspect Registered Users Posts: 1
I was really hoping that stormcast eternals and extremis chamber (I will refer to them as stormcast) could be added. Now just here me out I don't mean added into the campaign as I know that the stormcast wouldn't fit in lore wise but I mean just multiplayer. The stormcast a such a awesome faction and could be brought to life so well in total war and would make such a great addition to the game but they may need some units created by CA to flesh them out a bit but I think it would be so f****** awesome to see liberators charging the enemy lines while prosecutors fly above. Or even better if a whole age of sigmar dlc was made which would add some off the AOS units and factions but this would only be for multiplayer and as long as they didn't remove any armies. Please don't leave any hate its just a idea but I can't be the only one that thinks this would be great and hope CA does this.


  • ImbazilImbazil Registered Users Posts: 64
    I personally dont like them. However if it would be a MP only faction I wouldnt care, as you said they have no place in the old world.

    I would rather have CA spend time on the races that aren't in the main game yet.

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