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Roads? Movement tweaks.

SpaceOrcSpaceOrc Registered Users Posts: 17
I just stumbled upon a mod that increases movement by 10% in friendly regions, and it seems to be a feature that should be implemented in an official patch. After expanding holdings by a fer regions it feels a bit too much like a chore to move armies around, and playing as Empire the raids from the north turn from a challenge to an irritant.

Maybe after controlling an entire province there could be another slot opened to upgrade roads, like +3%, +6%, +9%?
Chaos and Vampires could benefit from corruption (e.g corruption/20 = movement boost %).

I think roads were in every other TW (I barely remember Rome 2 so I might be wrong...), and it feels like something that a good emperor or dwarf king should look into :)


  • ElderDaysElderDays Registered Users Posts: 48
    This is my first TW game since Napoleon and I am bummed at how many mechanics such as roads were removed to make the game more "streamlined". Come now CA we are the PC Master Race we expect more!
  • kywar87kywar87 Registered Users Posts: 80
    Would be a neat thing to integrate Into one of the edicts as an option for a province.

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