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Chaos Legendary Lord start posistion mod?

Menion125Menion125 Posts: 6Registered Users
I see in the Legendary Lord Start Position mod that Chaos is not included (I.E. you won't be able to do a co-op campaign with both players playing WoC). I also saw that it says that Chaos will NOT be included in that particular mod. Is someone making a mod to include the Chaos LL's for co-op purposes? Or has one been made that I'm just missing? Any info would be appreciated.


  • mw51630mw51630 Member Posts: 1,593Registered Users
    There isn't one yet, as on turn one there is only one army present to represent WoC. Modders don't yet know how to add another, so the best a modder can do for now is set Kholek and Sigvald as the leaders of the two Norscan factions.
  • PanzerKnightPanzerKnight Posts: 162Registered Users
    Until the top of the battle map is expanded Chaos really can't have different start positions.

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