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Modding the Damage of Comet of Cassondora.

madcliffmadcliff Posts: 22Registered Users
So, I have been trying to increase the damage done by the comet to let it wipe out entire units and I cannot seem to be able to do so. What controls the damage the comet does when it impacts the ground? And how can I increase this without increasing the number of projectiles in the bombardment?


  • SteelFaithSteelFaith Senior Member Posts: 1,000Registered Users
    I'm trying to figure this out as well. Are you looking in "unit_special_abilities"? Does additional_missile_cp control the amount of missiles dropping or the damage?
  • illathidillathid Junior Member Posts: 113Registered Users
    Zara, you comet loving hooligan!
    The comet's damage could maybe defined as impact damage. Maybe try change the mass or size of the comet?
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  • AggonyDuckAggonyDuck Senior Member Posts: 3,641Registered Users, Smiley
    You will find the relevant stats in projectiles and projectiles_explosion.
  • madcliffmadcliff Posts: 22Registered Users
    I know they are in projectiles_explosion and projectiles, however, no matter how I alter the bloody damage and explosion radius it does not seem to affect the lethality.
  • AggonyDuckAggonyDuck Senior Member Posts: 3,641Registered Users, Smiley
    edited June 2016
    What seems to be the issue is that larger the collision or explosion radius becomes, the more the damage is spread across the entities affected. So when you increase the radius, you need to increase damage in the same proportion to ensure that damage to radius ratio stays the same. Also with explosion radius, you might have to tweak duration and speed to ensure proper spread of the explosion.
  • ArayelArayel Junior Member Posts: 328Registered Users
    Ok it looks like you need to increase both the projectile damage and the explosion damage for there to be much effect. I now have my comet doing pretty significant damage if it actually hits the unit. When I lowered down the actual projectile damage strangely the explosion damage seemed to drop off as well, not entirely sure how this is working for bombardment spells but increasing all values finally paid off.

    In other weirdness my comet no longer actually appears...I get the cloud effect and the impact but no meteor....
  • SteelFaithSteelFaith Senior Member Posts: 1,000Registered Users
    Arayel, did you ever figure out why the gfx for Comet changed? I didn't modify the size or anything physically about the spell, only the damage value, but all I'm seeing is the sky open and an explosion, but no comet falling.
  • ArayelArayel Junior Member Posts: 328Registered Users
    No I didn't and I have exactly the same thing, the only values I altered were it's damage in the two particles tables, so why the comet now doesn't appear is a mystery to me.

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