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ClosedBug Report:Cannot move Armys or End Turn.

StridderStridder Registered Users Posts: 5
edited June 2016 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Description:The bug consists of,upon ending my turn,and after all other factions had theirs,and returning to me,everything seems to function normally for a couple of seconds,until i am taken to the map screen(the one given on the top-right bar),focusing and selecting the empire.After exiting the map,I couldnt move any armies or heroes,end turn or save.

Reproduction Steps:
-Using the save file given,simply end the turn.

They all came black,didnt know why.Sorry.

Details of Solutions Attempted:
-I belive it may be related to the event Doom Tide,and the fact that i eradicated one of the chaos armys spawned,as an event pop-up will tell you.After fiddling a bit,i managed to evade the bug by getting a peace treaty with Chaos and not declaring war on them until my turn arrived.
Later I could not reproduce this evasion.

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