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I have a question

Kumdano9Kumdano9 Registered Users Posts: 5
so when you put any total war disc in you your pc getting ready to play will it just download the file then update like Similar to what an Xbox does or is it way more complicated then that because I'm getting a pc soon and I have no idea how to work and install the total war games like I'm just lost because I'm getting the of buying the total war games on discs no downloads and from there I'm just blank on what to do I think I put the disc in then I figure out what todo from there but I'm not buying them from steam that's like paying for something twice first I buy the disc then I go to steam and pay for the installment and download am I correct is that not how it works if not how does it work


  • GoslingGosling Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,887
    No, no. I brought Napoleon Total War on a disc. But the disc only acts as an activation key, telling steam that you've brought the game. So you download the game off steam. Steam knows that you're using a disc, so you don't need to buy it again.

    Essentially, you're just buying the game from the store rather than going to the steam store page and buying it online. There is no difference.
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