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Factions are not fully represented

pinacallada1pinacallada1 Registered Users Posts: 1
I understand this is the first step into fantasy for CA and it may be hard to include the wealth of warhammer lore into a single game. But what from what i have seen is, from what CA did try to represent in this game, only a fraction of it actually represented.
Bretonnian armies (influenced by medieval France like the faction itself) revolved around highly skilled, valued and noble knights followed by vast numbers of peasantry-at-arms or semi-professional soldiers. The knights of bretonnia should sand above the knights of the other factions, for they may have their own elite knights, but not in such numbers as Bretonnia.
Bretonnia (like medieval France) is governed by a feudal system.
There are many heroes for Bretonnia that could be represented, for example, Duke Armand, the bannerman of Bretonnia.

dwarf armies revolve around their advanced technology, very professional, skilled veteran warriors and discipline on the battlefield. It is rare to see an army of dwarfs number in the thousands because their population has been dwindling since the time of their war with the high elves. It is rarer to see units of dwarf soldiers rout from the battlefield, and if they were to, they would most likely take the slayer oath as they have dishonored their family.
Dwarfs also have an innate resistance to magic. It is not an immunity. But it is a strong resistance, bearing in mind it took many years of exposure to the corruption of chaos for the chaos dwarfs to suffer minor mutations. Compared to a human who would have tentacles for arms minutes after being exposed to the ruinous powers.
Many dwarfs would have hundreds of years of battle experience, and even the basic dwarf warrior would be a formidable opponent to even a champion of chaos.

Vampire counts is a strange one. Does CA know that peasant humans that live in Sylvania arent treated much worse than peasants in the Empire, sometimes better? with the added risk of being vampire dinner of course, but humans outnumber vampires greatly in Sylvania. So vampire count armies isn't all just zombies and skeletons and bats.

The empire is missing many defining features and the complex politics of the the provinces (but this isn't a paradox initiative game is it?

The north is not well represented either, via lore and units.

Many smaller factions like the pirates and beastmen tribes are ignored.

These problems ruin the warhammer feeling, for me at least.
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  • Combat_WombatCombat_Wombat Registered Users Posts: 4,092
    Give it time. You can't expect them to go full budget on every factions full roster right from the start. Give it time.
  • AvadonAvadon Registered Users Posts: 1,545
    This also brings to light as to how many varying types of units that are missing from each faction that display great importance overall to different types of battle tactics.

    Now we simply need to list them...

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