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Unit Packs & Completing Rosters down the line?

ScionOfTheEmperor#1907ScionOfTheEmperor#1907 Registered Users Posts: 451
I, and I'm sure many others, are at least somewhat annoyed that pretty much all the factions thus far are without their full rosters.
CA has said things about it being too expensive to include everything, most glaringly with the Beastmen lacking Iconic monsters like the Ghorgon and the Jabberslythe.
What I hope is that once all the Factions for Game 1 are in, meaning Wood Elves, Bretonnia and Possibly the Skaven, while they are working on Game 2 I hope that we get unit packs to give us what are missing from the Factions Currently, I believe it would be a good way to help tide us over until the next game in the Trilogy, possibly they might be included in some of the Lord packs (an example being that we get Taurox the Brass Bull as a LL for the Beastmen and his Unit of Renown is the Ghorgon) or they may be added in with other Campaign packs, from the Data Mines we know that Morghur is appearing in the Wood Elves Mini-Campaign so we'll likely be getting him as another Legendary Lord and they may throw in a new unit for the Beastmen with the Jabberslythe.
They could also flesh out the Human Minor Factions like Kislev, Tilia, Estalia and possibly the Border Princes while we wait for the next installment.
At least that's my hope.


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