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StoreslemStoreslem Registered Users Posts: 304
25 ammunition? throws massive boulders where do he carry all those rocks? and if he sticks his hands in the ground to pick one up doesn't that mean it should have infinite ammunition?


  • SbygneusSbygneus Registered Users Posts: 799
    The same can be said about axe throwing units. Its a game, some simplifications are necessary.
  • TempestWolfTempestWolf Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 847
    Gameplay purposes... also... the stones he has are pieces of temples... the thing (in fluff at least) can't see anything that is not infused with magic :D
    We kill-slay all surface-things yes yes? Wait... no no... beard-things are not not surface-things... kill beard-things too... and surface things... yes yes.

    I add this image of Ikit Claw to beak up the monotony that threads can fall into (except the screenshot one). I take no credit for it and the author seems to be watermarked on it.
  • QliphothQliphoth Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 130
    Would it be cool if he had a special throw animation where he picks up the largest enemy unit that he can find ( well not a giant ) and then throws it at the enemy when he runs out of rocks.
  • mashkeysgetusernamemashkeysgetusername Registered Users Posts: 130
    I think he pulls the rocks out of the ground. There's one in the background of today's rally point video (the bit in the beastpaths) where I think that's what its doing.
  • Lord_HenkusLord_Henkus Registered Users Posts: 1,475
    I thought there was a age restriction on this forum
    How negative I may sound, game is stil 11 out of 10

    Also, please slow down combat!

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