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Shogun 2 won't quit

ScreenNameScreenName MemberRegistered Users Posts: 51
edited April 2011 in Total War Eras Support
Hey, 2 quick problems that are driving me nuts.
1) Half the time when I go to close Shogun 2, I will only realize 20 minutes after having closed it and began surfing/listening to music/whatever that my graphics card's fan is still whirling away. Following up on this I go into task manager and discover that 600 000k of memory and a signicicant amount of CPU are still working on 'Shogun 2exe.', even though there is no actual instance of it running in the applications list. This makes little-to-no sense, and hopefully can be fixed.

2) About half of the times I go into Shogun and search for a battle, I am totally incapable of joining a match-made game. I just get a never-ending 'searching for players' message. The only thing I can seem to do to address this is quit the entire programme, go into task manager and terminate the process (see above first problem), and then exit and reboot steam.

Hopefully we can get these two problems addressed somewhat soon. (and hopefully we can get some info on the upcoming patch one of these days.......)

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  • [OTD]Sonovagod[OTD]Sonovagod Senior Member EnglandRegistered Users Posts: 117
    edited April 2011
    Same issues for me mate,when im getting the searching for game constantly i quickly quit the game and restart and it's usually ok, no need to restart steam.
    Another issue i'm having is sometimes my name is the only one on the player list even tho i'm in public chat and even when there are other players on the list it's not usually more than 20 or so, i'm pretty sure there is more peeps online than that.
    Windows 7
    i7 4770k @ 4.2 ghz
    16 gb Team Vulcan Ram
    GTX 970
    250gb SSD
  • AchtungAchtung Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    I get exactly the same thing, I have to go into processes, find Shogun 2 and end it. Otherwise it just keeps running. (And tells me that its already running if I try to run it again). It struggles to find games in 1v1 too. Hopefully someone will come up with a fix. Otherwise it might end up doing my head in trying to get it to work properly.:D
  • Bortbort69Bortbort69 Registered Users Posts: 1
    How is this still a thing and how are there no fixes other than just restarting literally every time? Wtf ?
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