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More units stats

HanYoloHanYolo Registered Users Posts: 3
I've been working on a simple mod with assembly kit. The tool is awesome and easy to use but i don't see all the stats units have in land_units, such as health, men number for infantry. Any specific table for it ?


  • ChatappChatapp Member Registered Users Posts: 412
    Hitpoints are actually there (as bonus hitpoints, IIRC), whereas unit size and other stuff is in main_units. Speed is in battle_entities, weapon damage is in projectiles or melee_weapons.
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  • MoritasgusMoritasgus Registered Users Posts: 744
    To further Cataphs info, land_units and main_units only have some adjustable values.
    When you make a unit its kind of modular, things like weapon strength, Armour piercing and ranged stats are actually contained within the weapon itself which you then assign to the unit in varients.
    Same goes from armour stats which all come from the armour you assign each unit in the land_units table.
    So to alter those you really need to make new weapons and armour or youll end up modding the stats of all units that use that particular item.

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