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Why in the Total War: WARHAMMER no Tyranid race?

star_lord223star_lord223 Registered Users Posts: 1
I believe that teranidy would fit into the universe of Total War is the best . They can be made semi nomadic faction that is : at the beginning of each army will be small horde , until the moment has not yet accumulated enough surplus population , and then the army has the opportunity to build a unique city ( laying eggs ) and deposited on virtually any terrain other than narrow passes ( for the reason that the city will cover the pass) and in the case of destruction simply disappear . Well, over the troops , I think it would be good if the majority of teams would enhance secrecy , (they are all the same predators ) as well as increasing the number of soldiers in the unit and it is possible to increase the maximum number of tryadov ( they will be stronger than their number ) . So I think they will appreciate the players, and you can even release the DLS on this occasion, I personally willing to pay for such an addition quarter of the price of the game and if the game makers dare to make him win the gratitude of the public.
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