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Rome II LF Head to Head [Night Players]

PossibleTangoPossibleTango Registered Users Posts: 6
I usually play between Tuesday - Thursday 10 pm to 7 am EST. I'm quite ♥♥♥♥ at this game, looking for some other people to play with someone else that is not quite that good. I play on either hard or very hard, I know some campaign tactics but suck in battles.

I usually do a little bit of modding so we can come to a consensus once we start playing.

Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/PossiblTango/


  • ParadigmWolfParadigmWolf Registered Users Posts: 6
    I normally like to play Co-op personally but I created a group to bring people together that like to play campaign multiplayer (mods, no mods, co-op and head to head).


    There's a guy named [b] ^3Niggas^1ln^Paris [/b] that has been really trying to get me to play head to head with DEI mod and submods that make the battles/campaign faster than normal DEI. He normally asks me at night time. He also says hes not that good.

    I might even play with you one night. I'm pretty trash at this game too lol. I can wreck AI but every online multiplayer battle I've tried I've been destroyed at lol. Like utterly destroyed. (Though I did beat my friend who I know irl but that doesn't really count cuz he's new). Aynways... hope to see you in group soon
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