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The Wood Elves Lore, Army, Tactics, and New Mechanics



  • VlKlNGVlKlNG Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 593

    no sisters means sad missfit :(

    They could easily be a FLC further down the line.
  • IndyprideIndypride Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,740

    no sisters means sad missfit :(

    Would have been cool, and they may still come at some point. But this is literally the most complete roster in Total War Warhammer to date. I'm so happy!
  • GRAY_HATGRAY_HAT Senior Member UKRegistered Users Posts: 5,394

    no sisters means sad missfit :(

    need a wood elf ladies pack

    Ariel, sisters, spellweaver, unicorn and Naieth the Prophetess
    Team Wood Elves

    boyfights loves wood elves.

    "Heaven forbid that under the Vail of military training we should subject our young men to the lust of our general" - Hanno to the Carthaginian senate on the future of Hannibal.

    "Guard mode is back in Warhammer :)" - Darren_CA

    "It's amazing how many mistakes your enemy will make in haste after seeing that he's outgunned" -The Organ King
  • ladymissfitladymissfit Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,200
    grayhat said:

    no sisters means sad missfit :(

    need a wood elf ladies pack

    Ariel, sisters, spellweaver, unicorn and Naieth the Prophetess
    need ladies in general...
    Chaos lords should be women

    Army painter plox
  • seienchinseienchin Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,572

    I just don't want to see Wood Elves as a horde because of wrong it would feel.

    Archaon shows up at turn 130 to burn the world down. "Don't worry mate, the wood elves have already wiped all life from the planet except their little forest".

    The irony with this is really crazy.
    They are not a horde but they are the only ones who can possibly wipe out all life on the map before chaos arrives and they cant even use it for building something up
  • EizoEizo Registered Users Posts: 1,016
    If we are sad that there no Ladies, Britonnia is going to have a Female LL coming pretty soon
  • RichardNRoundRichardNRound Registered Users Posts: 910
    Really happy they didn't keep out any units, from what I can tell the only things missing from the roster are a spell weaver Lord (though there are spellsinger hero characters), glade captain (though again this is just a hero version of a Lord), shadow dancer, and unicorns. So this is great, and I'm sure that these will be added at some point via dlc or can be added via a mod, though I'm not too fussed about it.

    I like that the two LL are leaders of their own factions, as it makes sense in the lore, and again I think it is a good opportunity to put Ahzag and Ungrim where they belong.

    I'm also happy that Morghor is added, the eurogamer footage makes him look great. Hopefully a LL for beastmen, and I'm still hoping that they add something to boost the beastmen, otherwise they're going to be vastly out competed in the air, at range, and in cav by the WE. I think a preyton would do well as a powerful but fast flyer, and would use the same skeleton as the wyvern.
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