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Visigoth campaign difficulties

frozofrozo Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 5

I have played Empire, Shogun 2 and Rome 2 before i bought this game a few days ago on the steam sale and I expected that the transition would good since i found that even hard difficulty was rather easy on rome. However, i'm having some difficulties with the campaign of attila even on normal. I've tried 2 campaigns with the visigoths, the first i settled on the dalmation coast and i got swarmed with the ERE's legions. The next time i captured burdigala (france) and within 5 turns, the WRE trew 4 legions at me.

So now i'm wondering what i'm doing wrong. Where should i settle or should i start with another faction. I have also taken a look at the sarandid faction? (Persia?), but i didn't realy like it.
Anyone got some tips on how to do better?



  • T_A_LT_A_L Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 24
    Ravage the ERE minor settlements since you're already at war to gain enough cash, then go through WRE lands but don't declare war...

    Then either attack a weak emergent faction, resettle a razed settlement or declare on a weak germanic faction that's perhaps settled in WRE lands?

    Only way I can think of without warring with the WRE.

    As the Franks, I beat the Saxons then migrated into WRE lands to fight the Suebi and Gaul....Gaul took Vienna, so I took it back, settled, converted to Christianity to get even friendlier with the WRE, then moved back up north again.

    Basically, get in their good books!
  • Bura89Bura89 Senior Member Pisaurum, ItalyRegistered Users Posts: 597
    In my last campaign I managed somehow to make peace with ERE, it helped a lot without being chased by their tons of spears legions. Same thing with the WRE, don't declare war and hope they don't become hostile. When your hordes will be big and strong enough take the settlement you want, and don't forget to dismantle your horde's building for extra cash during the settling.
  • frozofrozo Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5
    Thx , going to try some of these tips :)
  • WarlockeWarlocke Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,083
    edited January 2016
    When you start the campaign you have pretty much the freedom to do whatever you want to Greece. Liberate Macedon and Dacia for some instant allies, and loot and raze everything else for cash. Then you can do what you want. You don't have to settle immediately, and being a horde can be quite lucrative when you know the mechanics behind running one successfully (avoid fighting armies when you can, keep your hordes close and hit soft targets).

    I am 100 turns into a legendary Visigoth campaign.

    I started off by ravaging Greece, and then went straight for Constantinoplis, which I took somewhere around turn 10. Good advice: if you take a city from another culture and you know you are going to sit there for a while, don't be afraid to loot it. Since pretty much everything will be dismantled, anyway, you don't need to worry about the cost of repair, and the people are going to rebel either way, so there is not any reason not to.

    I then liberated Asia and Pontus, both of which are directly across from Constaninopolis, creating a buffer between me and the ERE. I had 4 allies and a lot of admirers all around the world for acting against the ERE, so I was able to set up a very lucrative trade empire.

    I had been planning taking that city as my capital, so I had made sure not to raze any Thracian cities. I had one army just sit in the capital and defend while the other took the rest of the province. I eventually also took two provinces in Dardinia and the south of Dacia for the iron. The only way this works without leaving yourself at the mercy of the Huns is to make nice with them, so I allied with the Huns, divorced Alaric from his wife and married one of their women.

    I spent a few turns turtling, building up infrastructure and playing politics. After a few years I had two armies, make an extended campaign to destroy the ERE for good. I razed and and liberated my way down the Levant, across eastern North Africa and by the time I was at Carthage both Roman empires were so weak that what was left just got pounced on by everyone.

    In doing this I did eventually have to decide whether to side with the Huns or the rest of the world. I went with the Huns, so now me and Attila are bestest buds and wrecking everybody. My income isn't great because of all the armies I need to defend myself, but not terrible because of the all the investments in city building I made with my Roman spoils.

    This is what my empire looks like now, and it actually probably won't get much bigger. I just landed Theodoric and his army, The Sacred Swords (Theodoric found Caliburnus like a badass), in Italy, which is largely undefended, as the armies of the factions of that region wasted their stacks trying to invade my highly defensible boarders. He is going to loot and raze all of it, and then probably finish his father's work in North Africa.

    So I hope all of this helps give you some ideas for your own campaign. So far this strategy has actually been quite easy to implement, even on legendary mode. It took a few failed attempts while I figured out what to do, but it has been all smooth sailing in this play-through.
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  • MisterVVPMisterVVP Member Registered Users Posts: 77
    Try to settle in Spain my friend or in Africa.
  • RobezRobez Member Registered Users Posts: 92
    Or in Britania,i did that and it was the most fun campaign ive played.
  • HadusHadus Registered Users Posts: 33
    I took over most of the area where the Germanic tribes are at (Saxons, Franks, Alamans, Langobards etc) and created a buffer zone between the slavic people (and some of the nomadic factions) and the WRE and ERE

    so it was impossible for the northern factions to go south without going through me.

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