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Cup of Nations Rome II Tournament

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The Winner will be able to choose TWO DLC from any Total War game as a prize!
The Finalist will be able to choose ONE DLC from any Total War game as a prize!

CON is a yearly 1vs1 land tournamen since 2007. Fractions are randomly distributing at the beginning of the tournament. The player gets random fraction, with which he played the whole tournament.
CON consists of several phases: 1-3 groups stages, depending on the number of players, then play-off stage (single elimination).
In group stages all matches last to ONE victory - Best of One (so one battle only), in play-off matches last to THREE victories - Best of Five.

Registration HERE

Info is HERE


I. General Information

In group stages player get 3 points for victory and 1 for lose.
In group stages both players are obliged to advance and attack, in play-off player, who is top of the bracket becomes attacker in the first battle, then players switch sides and defender becomes an attacker.

II. Attacker and Defender

Player must be active in battle, if he is ATTACKER. It means that is obliged to do offensive actions: archery, spears and javelins and melee attack. Absence of such actions is considered as foul.
But it DOESN'T mean that attacker must rush to his opponent, reasonable maneuvers are allowed (without delaying).
DEFENDER can play passively. But defender forbidden to avoid the fight, if he hasn't missile units or his missile units are out of ammo.
Player, who has only cavalry or missile units with no ammo left, automatically become ATTACKER.

III. Map Selection

In group stages all battles will played on the Flatland.
Administration will set map for each round of play-off.

IV. Battle Settings

Large unit size.
Lagre funds.
Map – see “Map Selection”.
Time - Day
Weather - Dry
Duration - 40 minutes

V. Battle limitations

All limits INCLUDING general (exception: small general units of Rome and Carthage).

- Max same unit 4
- Max units of pikemen 5
- Max infantry 12
- Max 6 melee infantry (swordsmen, axemen, falxmen)
- Max 8 dismounted missile units (are not infantry)
- Max 10 cavalry units
- Max 1 chariot or 1 elephant (considered as cavalry)
- Max 4 horse archers/javelin cavalry (considered as cavalry)
- No artillery. No deployables(defencive fortifications)

VI. Other Limitations

ATTENTION! - Pullthrough is allowed.
BUT! Pullthrough by infantry against infantry is forbidden!
No red line camping (red line rule is not applied when attacking/flanking)
Camping more than 50% of your army in forest is a foul.

VII. Violation of Rules

If a violation was spotted when neither side has the decisive advantage, battle must be re-played. Both players can change their army builds.
If a violation by winner was spotted after battle, it must be re-played.
If a violation by loser was spotted after battle, result remains unchanged.
Technical defeat is given after 3 fouls.
You have 2 hours (after the result is posted) to submit information about violations. After this time the result will remain unchanged.
Screenshots and replays need to be provided as proof.

VIII. Disconnects

- if the disconnect happened at the beginning of the battle and there is no decisive advantage, the battle is re-played with same army builds. If both players agree, they can change army builds.
- if the disconnect happened when the decisive advantage is present and both players agree on it, there is no need to re-play the battle. Otherwise, players have to provide screenshots and replays to administrators
- in case of 5 consecutive disconnects at the beginning of the battle, technical defeat will be issued to the person responsible for disconnects

IX. Rules of Conduct

In case of insults and misconduct, player will be disqualified from the tournament.

X. Broadcasting

If official streamer wants to broadcast a game, players cannot forbid him.
Broadcaster can't show or talk about player's army builds until the battle started, otherwise he loses the right to broadcast the game.
Broadcaster can have one additional partner to commentate the game with.


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