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They nailed it (Wood Elves)



  • KordarusKordarus Registered Users Posts: 12
    boyfights said:

    Wargol4 said:

    Wow even boyfights is fond of the tree hugers, i'm disapointed :*

    what can i say, giant sacking/razing numbers get me all sweaty B)

    having allied greenskins back up my treemen army against dwarfs in battle did a lot to sway me too tbh

    gonna make orion be best buds with mannfred and vlad when i get to him B)
    Oh no... Don't say that...
  • GreyKnightDantesGreyKnightDantes Registered Users Posts: 282
    wish my computer can handle this game....can never see those awsome animations

    "Burn! Burn with the fires of Change! Scream your hymns to Tzeentch!"
    -Tal'gatha the Fallen

  • cornishrcornishr Member Registered Users Posts: 241
    Yes, they're superb.
  • cornishrcornishr Member Registered Users Posts: 241

    Stephince said:

    The units are gorgeous.

    They desperately need a different hair mod for the Elf units though... the uniform different color hair for each unit is pretty ridiculous.

    Yes, the hair is the worst bit. It makes them look more like a video game unit. If they had different colour hair, it'd look so much more realistic.

    It'd no doubt be highly illegal in our society to forbid a person with brown hair from firing a bow and arrow and force them to hold a spear all the time. Prejudice i say!
  • BoogieRoosterBoogieRooster Registered Users Posts: 47
    My wood elf Grand Campaign has so far been my all time second favorite total war campaign. ( Right after the White Huns in Attila, nothing beats desert attritioning and outskirmishing the Sassanids :D Give it a go if you haven't already!)

    I really, really like the play style of skirmishing, ambushing and hit-and-run tactics, and outside the obvious horse archer factions in rome/attila, no other faction really compares in how much fun this can be. The units are really cool looking and each seem to fit a specific role in the battlefield. So far, the campaign has proved to be really challenging.

    I'm not sure what to make of the amber mechanic. I have no lore issues with amber since I never played tabletop. I would perhaps make only the treemen, dragons, sisters of the thorn, and waywatchers cost amber, since those are the elite of the elite. I like how the amber diversifies different wood elf armies, but I suppose you could achieve the same effect with simply increasing upkeep costs heavily for the units that your faction does not come with. That way you could field the really good stuff much later in the campaign, but would still have that option. I like that certain technologies and buildings cost amber. It really forces you to think about what you really need at any given time during the campaign.

    An amazing DLC, 5/5!
  • ArecBalrinArecBalrin Registered Users Posts: 2,857

    If archers in this game, were effective for too far range it would completely upset the balance.
    If realistic, it would also be rather useless against any enemy wearing good quality plate armour or better.
    Anyone wearing chaos armour for example would be rather invulnerable to normal weapons, not to mention arrows :).

    I think wood elves are pretty well balanced as they are right now, and so are their archers. Realism shouldn't always be the goal and balance and fun gameplay must always have precedence.
    As it is now, wood elf archery does play similar to the table top. Obviously not completely the same since this game is not turn based, but I think those in charge of gameplay at CA got a pretty good idea of how Wood elves are supposed to play like in the table top and what they are like in the lore.
    Of course there is a need to balance in on the fact that players are of different skills and what not, but I think they "got it", with this one, unless there is some unknown factor i missed somehow.

    Well some of us would like a diversity of tactics to be re-introduced back into the game, which Total War had when missile units did more than just snipe and flank. That's all they can do now because of their pathetic range which means accuracy falloff is also hardly a factor. Also- arrows not penetrating armour is a meme. You wouldn't use the same arrows in a skirmish or controlled volley that you would use to take down specific armoured targets.

    The game is already grossly unbalanced. Bringing back diverse tactics would fix it.
  • Canuovea#6291Canuovea#6291 Registered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 15,924
    Arrows shouldn't penetrate decent armour, bodkin or not. Unless they are magic arrows, which WEs have.

    Also, now that WEs have 180 range on a chunk of their troops...
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