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[Mod solutions] Some AI just moves there armies on turn 1 without recruiting

NayranNayran Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 164
Currently I am using a no confederation mod which basically prevents the WE steamroll.. but I noticed that Orion/Durthu faction always decide to move there initial forces instead of building there army... same goes for Grimgor. Meanwhile minor WE faction stay and keep recruiting.

Now in Rome 2 I remember there was some table field in data.pack that i could edit to make sure that ai at least build a certain amount of units per army before deciding to move that given army.

Does any one remember this field or has a mod that attends this issue ? would really appreciate it as atm greenskin/WE AI is just suicidal dumb in early game without confederation.

Note I disabled all my mods to test this issue and it always happened

Thank you.


  • NayranNayran Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 164
    found the Rome 2 field

    problem is can't find those in warhammer DB
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