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Divide et Impera 1.2 Open Beta Released!

DresdenDresden Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 463

1.2 Divide et Impera: Open Beta Release

(Not save compatible with 1.1)

- To be clear, this is a beta in many ways - it will change as we go and will have bugs to report. It is not save compatible with 1.1 versions of the game. For now, it is only available on our TWC forums, the Steam version will remain 1.1 until the beta is concluded.
- There are a TON of features and overhauls in this version. We initially did not even know if we were going to have a version after 1.1 and only planned a few small updates. Well, of course, that snowballed into the release we have today. In many ways, this is the largest and most expansive update we have had yet for DeI. This is not all that is planned for 1.2 and there are still things being developed. But, this is a mostly complete version for testing.
- The highlights of this update include the Population system, an overhauled Grand Campaign and map, many new faction overhauls, overhauled battle mechanics, and much, much more! I want to take this chance to thank the Ancient Empires team and the People of Rome team for large contributions to this version.

Included Features

Population System

- Thanks to the PoR team, one of the most complex additions to the mod will be added in 1.2. You can see more details in their forum or at our 1.1 submod version thread.
- The basic idea behind this system is that every region has a population that can be used to recruit units. Obviously, its more complicated than that, but you get the idea. You can check out our Population guide for help with the system.

New Grand Campaign

- Thanks to our partnership with the Ancient Empires team, we have had access to their work using the Augustus campaign map for the grand campaign as a foundation to work from for DeI. Because of this, we are happy to announce we have a completely revamped Grand Campaign for our players to experience.
- The campaign will begin in 278 BC, uses the Augustus campaign map as a basis and has the new emergent factions feature that really adds dynamics to the campaign.
- The new campaign includes new This Year in History messages to chronicle what was happening in history as the campaign goes along. Thanks to the R2TR for use of their script as a basis for this system.

New Playable Factions, Unit Cards and Roster Overhauls
- A ton of new roster overhauls and playable factions have been added for DeI 1.2. These new faction overhauls include:
Sparta -- Iweriu -- Kartli -- Colchis -- Bactria -- Edetani -- Medewi -- Kaledonakoi -- Atropatkan -- Greek Factions -- Lusitani -- Additional Units -- Scordisci -- Arevaci
- All new unit cards have been added for those overhauls and for some existing units in DeI. Rusty is hard at work finishing the existing cards, also, but there are a ton of units in DeI! You can see his work in his submod thread.

Buildings and Income Overhaul
- Building effects, income and the economy in general have been overhauled to make more sense and we removed some of the hidden bonuses in the game. Income should mostly be directly impacted by in game actions now.
- New buildings and regional buildings have been added, including special capitals and resource building chains.

Political and Trait System
- Traits have been overhauled as have the political effects for a faction.
- Our new character traits are now evolving traits that can change over the course of a campaign for a general. Also, political ranks are now earned rather than bought.
- We have new political effects for political party power levels based on new government types assigned to various factions. These include examples like Monarchy, Chiefdom, Oligarchy, Republic, Tribal Confederation, etc. These new government types can be seen if you mouse over the faction effect bundle icon in the faction screen. You can read more about this at our Politics guide.
- All factions now have 4 political parties that are active from campaign start to make politics more meaningful.

Battle Overhaul
- Along with new animations and formations for hoplites, the battle overhaul includes new mechanics for pikes. Also, most units have been overhauled to better take advantage of the game engine. Formation attack is no longer used, stats are adjusted so that difficulty levels won't impact battles as badly, etc. In fact, the AI and battles in general should have a much more unique and dynamic feel. See the preview for full changes, KAM has been hard at work in his laboratory!


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