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Playing the Hun faction historically

berob91berob91 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi all,

New to this but not new to Total War.
Anyway, I'm hoping this is a topic that has been raised before but I was wandering if people had tips for playing as the Huns following what happened in actual history? I've read up as much as I can on who they attacked and how but I need a bit more clarity.

As for battle tactics... I've basically been using a hit and run tactic with the archer cav and switching ammo for the units they take on keeping melee cav in reserve for taking on skirmishers and archers. From what I have read the Huns basically swarmed their enemy's with cavalry.

So if anyone has anything that would be awesome. :)


  • ColeusColeus Senior Member Western Roman EmpireRegistered Users Posts: 666
    edited February 2017
    You have Uar Warriors also, which will smash through even the heaviest of defensive infantry. I generally use a Uar infantry line with horse archers harassing the flanks and chasing off enemy cavalry. The Huns rarely lose when handled properly.
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