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Norsca are the most irritating thing ever to deal with



  • boyfightsboyfights Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,023
    You guys are both gross, give me sambuca or give me death

    I will also accept vodka and rockstar
    boyfights you are always here to confirmate every spark of originality
    or reason burns or acid bruises anyone,
    stop your gladiator love for agressions.
  • HeroofRome1HeroofRome1 Member Registered Users Posts: 1,616
    The issue is that they won't fight. Often two to three Norscan stacks will run from your single stack without attacking all at once.

    One way to counter them as Empire is simply to place an army at both Gorsell and Marienburg in ambush in the nearby forests. it's far from optimal though.
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