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"Unspecified Error" preventing MP/COOP with a single specific friend. No help from devs or forums

DadsfriendDadsfriend Registered Users Posts: 1
So I just got Total War: Warhammer and I am absolutely obsessed. Amazing game. The only issue, which only arose after a few campaigns, involves the friend who showed me this amazing game. We managed to get 40 turns into a campaign until all of a sudden we started getting "Unspecified Error" messages when returning to the campaign. We've tried turning all mods off, reinstalling, validating steam files, but since that messages first arrival, my friend and I have been unable to play together, let alone join the same campaign lobby with eachother. Furthermore, when joining a THIRD friends multiplayer lobby we are again hit with the "unspecified Error" and booted from the lobby once the game begins. With other friends and random players it works fine, but only with my specific friend are we unable to join a game together without receiving the "Unspecified Error". The forums havent provided much to any help, with only dead end threads with the same problems as my friend and I. I'd appreciate any help and would love to get back to my campaign with my good buddy. Much love.


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