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Performance in beastpaths battles

ShebalosoShebaloso Registered Users Posts: 255
I have a pretty good PC, and only closing up on large battles make the frames drop from 55-60 fps in normal battles.
Why is performance in those beastpath ambushes so bad, though? Is it a known problem?

And it's quite curious because of the following:

If i look around portions of the battle map where there are no units, the fps (~30) are practically the same as if i closed up at a portion where a massive fight is raging (also ~30). It's as if there is a frame cap that is only present in those maps.

Why does this happen?


  • VladdyVladdy Registered Users Posts: 221
    edited March 2017
    My pc is a crap, but I can play somehow.

    One day I fight beastmen underground with woodelf.
    There were lot of trees and gicantic roots: I don't know if it was beastmen or wood elf map, but i couldn't play that battle for the bad performance.

    I really hope Total Warhammer pt. 2 will not need better pc, becouse i can just barely play the game right now.
  • DMA64DMA64 Registered Users Posts: 67
    It`s a knowen problem and the last big patch already improved it a little bit. Why it happens? I don`t know.
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