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Can newly made units have "rally points" so i don't have to move them manually?

Bogdanov89Bogdanov89 Registered Users Posts: 877
I really like shogun 2 but one thing that is really annoying me is how i have to order every newly made unit where to go...

It becomes really bad when i have multiple cities making military units - all that boring micromanagement of newly spawned units manually ordering them where to go...

Is there some sort of rally point system for new units so that they start moving to a lord or location after being created?

Or perhaps a community made mod that improves this aspect of the game?
Check out the Community Bug Fix Mod on the Steam Workshop.


  • EmperorOfRomeEmperorOfRome Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 594
    Actually, there is. You can, if you click on a standing army of which you want to have units, on the recruitment tab which you see above the army unit bar. You can click on the units you want to rcruit for the army, and, according to my knowledge, these units are built in your nearest cities and then go to your army automatically. I don't know how in depth this thing is, for example that you have two bow samurai, one from a nearer city while the other from a more further city but which has superb archer training, and then that you can select whihc bow samurai. That I do not know, to be honest never used this system.
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