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This post and thread is dedicated to giving suggestions and ideas for making the WoC campaign very fun and challenging to play. But mostly fun. They are currently a basic horde faction becoming less and less interesting as the game pushes forward with improvements, DLC, and the trilogy installments. This is the culmination of discussion from my old Warriors of Chaos Overhaul thread with new and improved ideas for the campaign. The devs are very welcome to comment on their thoughts and opinions of this post. Don't worry, your opinion will be regarding as an individual one and not the entirety of CA. I want your input and honest thoughts because they put things into perspective because this is your game. Anything from the difficulty to do it, if you like something, or even if you don't please say it. Could even say you are going to pitch this to the team to implement it :sweat_smile: .

Warriors of Chaos Campaign

*Spreading Corruption*(More ways to do it=fun)
--Give chaos heroes the ability to manipulate another agent to join their cause.

--Give chaos heroes the ability to manipulate lords and control their army temporarily depending on the skill and level. Limit it to 2 turns (3max) and exempt the AI from having that ability. (An extra layer to this could be enabling of chaos manipulation through a trait that was given by staying in chaos corrupted land for certain time. So you wouldn't be able(or less likely) to manipulate lords and heroes to your cause. The longer you stay in corrupt land the more likely you'll get the trait, and the more susceptible that character is to the whispers of chaos. )

--Give chaos heroes the ability to infiltrate a settlement for X amount of turns. After X amount of turns there will be a new building( maybe a corrupted variation) that replaces a current building in that settlement. This new building will be one that sucks money out of the faction and cause chaos corruption. -1200 gold and +5 corruption. These buildings can cost a chunk of money to get rid of to really affect treasuries and possibly cripple the economy for a while. And your agent might get wounded and fail the mission in the process depending on level and skill.

*Unique Horde Gameplay*
-- Chaos Rifts give +3 corruption to local region and +2 corruption to adjacent regions.

***On 70% corruption and higher, give a post battle option to erect a Chaos Citadel in capital regions only. Limit these Citadels to 3. These citadels provide excellent replenishment in local region, corruption all around that region, small recruitment cost reductions factionwide, and most importantly....keeping your campaign alive(just like the lore aka Brass keep) . If all your horde armies die without a citadel game over. But if you have a chaos citadel then you will have refuge in it, and you won't have to start over. I suggest that these citadels have garrisons, and maybe even upgradable garrisons. But I do want these citadels to be possibly sieged by the AI or the player. It could be a player exclusive thing though, it's up to you. But who doesn't want to siege a chaos citadel? :naughty:

--More engaging ruinous powers element to the campaign. It's called the Eye of the gods. Very similar to Bretonnia chivalry. But it involves more quests too. "The WoC have to do certain deeds to keep the gods entertained or risk losing divine support. " The affects of the range of high to low dark god support can have rewards and punishments.
-Another chaos stack appears to fight you
-an agent betrays you
-you lose an entire stack because the general turn into a chaos spawn LOL
- infighting attrition

-No infighting attrition
-Upkeep of monsters reduced greatly
-Able to recruit Daemon Princes and daemons
-Recruitment costs reduced
-the ability to mark your troops and turn them into nurgle warriors, slaanesh warriors, or khorne berserkers, or tzeench warroirs

--More pop up events that make you think and choose according to campaign situation. Could be more intriguing lore pop ups

*Difficulty* (mainly for a fun steam rolling check)
-- Random hordes whether beastmen or chaos challenge your power. A horde spawns bent on killing you. This could either happen after you build your first citadel, or randomly. I wouldn't make these armies too powerful though because the End game battle should have the best and toughest units. This could have a 10% chance of happening each turn when you build the citadel. Maybe each citadel increases the chances by 10%. Meaning by the limit I set, which is 3 citadels, that's a 30% chance of being challenged by a start up or traitor horde.

--If your chaos lord loses 2 or 3 battles or retreats from them he will turn into a chaos spawn and the army will be halved by attrition in one turn and you'll have to replace that general. Or your army will continue to take attrition until you replace that general. (Only for regular chaos lords)

*Tech Tree*
-- Have the skill boxes that you pay for increase 2 skill points to recruited generals. The main line of tech can offer skill level to the recuited lords , so your late-game lords will be able to jump into the fight much faster.

-- Cooperation with the Dark Elves, Skaven, Ogres, Norsca, or any other neutral or chaos faction.(chaos players might want to team up with them or vassalize them)

--More compliant Norsca factions willing to pay tribute and serve chaos on friendly terms.(After Awakening)

*Adjustments and fixes* (yes I said fixes :innocent: ok more like annoyances )
--Scrap close proximity horde infighting as a feature. Or please give us a reason why it's a thing. It has offered nothing but frustration that has no gameplay value other than being very limiting and annoying. I know someone designed this and their ego might kick in by reading that but I mean no harm. I just want a solid reason, or just get rid of it, or even better consider the idea for close proximity infighting above in *Unique Horde Gameplay*.

---Revoice Archaon. He sounds too crazed robot orcy to me, or a wrestling promo. Archaon should sound like a menacing Dark lord. Hint: Use Narrator from the Chaos trailer or someone who sounds more menacing.

---Chaos Marauders/chaos Warriors variation!--> https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/189807/norsca-needs-more-model-variation

*Random cool stuff I had quick thoughts about*
-Victory conditions and/or quest battle cinematics and Archaon recruitment video.

--I would like a chaos lord wielding a huge battleaxe. Everyone of them has a sword

--Just like a monster, have Archaon do a special kill animation

--KingSlayer should have a greater campaign affect. Like army recruitment cost reduction because it's such a significant sword to have like Ghal Maraz is.

Attempt at a technical explanation-->
Starting with the new Corruption ideas. Manipulating other agents to join your cause is the most basic one, something that could be easily implemented. It's from other total war games as well, and fitting for a unique chaos agent ability. So there's not much to say there preaching to the choir.
Next, and way more complicated, is the the suggestion of using your chaos agent to take control or manipulate the opposing lord. Resulting in you commanding his army. This would be done the same way you do other agent actions. This was in shogun2 I believe where you could have a chunk of an army double cross to your side. But this can be done more simply, by either having that lord die and replaced with a chaos lord, replaced by that agent, or have that lord be under your command. Essentially either embedding your agent as general, or converting the army to your control. I know an army cannot be without a general. Of course these would need a new event thing saying "This Hero/Lord succumbs to the power of Chaos".
Lastly, the ability to have an agent infiltrate a settlement. Very new to the franchise. New ability simply called Infiltrate. Done the same way you would assault the garrison of a settlement. I'm thinking two things here, either this action be done by click fail or succeed like normally, or this be a case where the infiltrate action has a wait time of X amount of turns, disabling the use of that agent until X turns are done. The success or fail is at the mercy of the normal conditions of agent actions like skill and level which I'll get into briefly. This feature would be very much like the run spy network, but against an enemy settlement that results in your agents death, wounded state, or a vandalization building that replaces one of the buildings in the settlement spreading corruption, bad public order, and having a huge building cost like -1200 or something. This in my head simulates the hero establishing cults.
All these new corruption options can be tied to one skill node. Every chaos agent, or just sorcerers, can have a new skill node named Manipulation with 3 upgrades. Possibly unlocked at level 5.

Now to the Citadel idea. Ok this will definitely require new conditions. The idea of the chaos citadel is that you can only build it on a certain amount of corruption in the region. So the condition or coding would be to add that option on a percentage of corruption of your choosing as a post siege option. Or a settlement occupation option. Another condition is that they are exclusive to main settlement regions, or the capital settlement.
I don't know if this would be a new condition, but it's more a limit, which is Citadels are limited to three. Limited to 3 because of their purpose which I'm going to get into. These citadels are not technically Altdorf or Black Crag, these citadels are Oak of ages. One building chain with maybe 2 or 3 upgrades. You can add whatever traits to these buildings you like, but the main point is to save your campaign. Every chaos player knows that loseing your armies is the end of the game unlike non horde factions. Well these citadels would have a campaign saving trait. Only can you build three, anywhere you want. The accompanying traits I would suggests are to blast the area with corruption, helping with replenishment much like Norsca. As you might know, corruption goes down over time, but these wicked citadels will fix that right up :naughty: in the areas you choose to erect a citadel. To note, these citadels being destroyed should not kill the campaign, but it allows for you to lose the campaign once your armies are lost again, just like normal.
(basically all the agent stuff)

Please? :innocent:
Lol thanks for reading. What do you think?
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