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Lizardmen ''jungle swarm'' unit mechanic suggestion

geko12344geko12344 Registered Users Posts: 5
(I accedently deleted my post about this so here I am re-writing it)

Since the Lizardmen are going to be a playable race in the new Total War: Warhammer 2, I thought I'd give my idea for how to make the Jungle Swarm unit work in battle.

For those unaware, the Jungle Swarm unit is a collection of dangerous small jungle critters, such as snakes, toads, spiders and small reptiles. ( or google: ''warhammer lizardmen jungle swarm'' to get an idea how they look. )

Seeing a group of these creatures neatly in a formation patiently awaiting orders seemed a bit weird to me, so I suggest making them the first unit to make use of a new mechanic: Area Swarm

Here is how it would work in battle:
If you select your Jungle Swarm unit, your cursor will have a large circle-area underneath it, this is the area to which you will direct you Jungle Swarm unit. Once arrived at their destination, instead of just sitting around, they will quite literraly swarm the area, dealing damage and poison to any enemies in that area.
Since the Jungle Swarm consists only of small creatures, they should be able to hide themselves really well in things like grass, this should propably give them the Stalk ability.

I hope you like my suggestion, let me know what you think of it in the comments. Hopefully the Devs will take my request into consideration.

Cant wait for the game to be out :blush:
- someone who is super hyped for lizardmen


  • NobleGunnerNobleGunner Registered Users Posts: 757
    Just make it a spell or ability IMO like summon zombies.
  • MrMecHMrMecH Registered Users Posts: 2,389
    I think they are too small to be a unit. Maybe come to some LL ability like Orion Hound.

  • daelin4daelin4 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,513
    edited April 2017
    Mmm maybe be a rather prominent passive ability for many Lizardmen units? There are some passive spells in the game, and some Area of Effect (AOE) spells, but those are usually the realm of dedicated casters.

    What this idea can be is basically be a minor passive spell of sorts for many Lizardmen units, and various things like Lord skills or tech unlocks makes them more powerful.

    if you want Campaign map effects, this can basically be a Stance that adds (more) attrition to enemy armies within the region/ army's zone of control to simulate the hazardous jungle effects on nearby hostile forces. That would be pretty neat especially if it's stacked with home territory and increased by Lord skills and such.

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