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Should I ever use fire and advance?

doritolord50doritolord50 Registered Users Posts: 7
Sorry for all the questions in a string, I'm trying to get a master strategy so I'm trying to see what to use when. In this case it happens to be fire and advance...when is that best used?
Also is that where your troops walk forward but fire at the same time?


  • GoslingGosling Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,887
    Fire and Advance is when your troops shoot, then the next rank moves forward. Repeat.

    No, generally you should not bother. It suffers from reduced range, firepower, and takes up more space. Stick with normal shooting.
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  • doritolord50doritolord50 Registered Users Posts: 7
    ah ok. i think that would be cool tho, the troops firing at will while they advance for a bayonet charge.
    wait...that cant happen can it? they did that in the american civil war i think but i dont know if they would do that in this era.
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