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Can't get mods to work on my mac, Attila launches without mods

AlwangAlwang Registered Users Posts: 1

I have a mac and downloaded TW Attila some days ago. I want to play with mods, specifically with the mod 'medieval kingdoms 1212 AD'. Only, I don't know how to get these mods activated. I followed various instructions from youtube videos and forums on how to activate mods on Attila but none worked. This is what I did:

I subscribed to the mod on the steam workshop. Then I downloaded the mod files from the external site and placed them in the data folder (of course I also made the .exe files into .pack files using wine). That didn't work, Attila just launched without any mods. Then I created a user.script.txt file in the scripts folder and pasted in the names of the mod. Again, Attila launched without mods. So my question is, how do I get mods to show up in Attila on a Mac? I know non-mac users have some kind of launcher where you can tick a box to activate certain mods, but that one is non-existent on Macs.

I'd be glad if someone could help me, as I really want to try out this great mod.


  • Iron_HammerIron_Hammer Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited May 2017
    Same Here i dont have the pre-game page that allows you to tick mods and enable them, PLease Help! Im trying to get the Lord of the rings Mod Btw.
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