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1v1 Tournament: For The Dark Gods #22

KhornesChampionKhornesChampion Registered Users Posts: 54
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I am KhornesChampion and Saturday, May 27th at 11am EST/5pm CEST (Please convert this to your own timezone), For the Dark Gods #22 will continue our weekly 1v1 Total War: Warhammer tournaments. A prize pool will be offered for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Registration can be done here: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/bihDx8OSPB Rules can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/crimsonharvest/discussions/0/1291816880504199622/ and in the description of the tournament. Let us kill in the name of the Dark Gods! Glory for Khorne! The tournament casting will be held here: Feel free to read the rules and offer any suggestions to changes you would like to see. Let's make this tournament as great as it possibly can be together. If you register for this tournament and wish to participate. You WILL have to check-in 1 HOUR before the start of the tournament. Map pools have been updated. Rules have been changed and updated. Please read them and contact me if you have any questions.
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  • KhornesChampionKhornesChampion Registered Users Posts: 54
    New rules for attacking. Make sure you read and understand it before participating this weekend.
    Single Entity Models do not count as attackers unless you have nothing else left on the field (this excludes single-entity artillery and war machines - defined as any unit with the word “artillery” or “war machine” in its unit type)
    If you have no skirmish units in your army, casting spells counts as attacking. In this case (a caster is the only unit in your army attacking), none of your other units may retreat from the enemy. Any significant and sustained movement that increases (or attempts to increase) the distance between your unit and the nearest enemy unit is considered a retreat.
    *Abilities that do not use winds of magic do NOT count as attacking (For example Arrow of Kurnous, Mortis Engine deregen and Fay Enchantress deregen do NOT count as attacking) *Skirmish fire COUNTS as attacking (units with more than 1 model) *Artillery and war machine fire COUNTS as attacking (any unit with the words “Artillery” or “War Machine” in its unit type) *It is OK to wait for your abilities to be ready before you actively start attacking at the beginning of the battle *This rule is to avoid draw kiting, and nothing else. Tactical retreats, positioning and regrouping are tactics and part of the game.
  • ShetlandApacheShetlandApache Registered Users Posts: 408
  • KhornesChampionKhornesChampion Registered Users Posts: 54
    Rule modification: Shock Cavalry (any unit with the Shock Cavalry unit description) is now limited to 4 units.

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