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Black Screen with permanent 299 seconds wait window on every battle

palavencepalavence Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey guys, first of all thanks for any reply that youll give

Now, to the problem: A friend of mine recently bought Shogun 2 and we really wanna do co-op campaigns, but whenever we decide to fight a battle, we both receive a black screen that tells us to wait for the other player to join.


1) this never happened with my other friend

2) We only have darthmod running (i had it with my other friend too)

3) He has AMD and I have Nvidia, might this be a problem?

4) We've already tried using the same save file, didnt work.

5) We tried with both Dx9 and 11, didnt work for neither.

6) We only have Saints & Heroes and Sengoku Jidai DLCs installed. Tried reinstalling everything in order but didnt work.


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